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Will this work on a broken Bumper?

- This is actually a professional way of fixing bumpers. You could save up hundreds, if not, thousands of dollars worth of repairs with this tool alone!

Can it be used on ATV plastic?

- Yes! This will effectively work on ATV Plastic. It is actually highly recommended for that purpose

Can it fuse a piece of plastic from inside a refridgerator?

- It certainly can! Although we highly recommend you to turn off all the power from the fridge before you start welding.

The Carry Box is broken upon shipment!

- The Carry Box is designed to protect the products. Poor handling processes during shipping may cause damage to the box. We can't guarantee the box in perfect condition every time (we do not accept dispute or claim on it), but we can guarantee that your PlastiWeld will work with our 30-Day Guarantee. 

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