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PlastiWeld Pro

PlastiWeld Pro - Fix any Plastic Cracks, Breaks and Damage Easily and Effortlessly!

PlastiWeld Pro

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Tired of your plastic parts breaking on you? We are too. No more having to go back to the store to replace them, quickly and easily fix them instead!  

Professional Grade. PlastiWeld Pro effortlessly repairs broken plastic pieces with ease and confidence knowing the bond is stronger than before. PlastiWeld Pro is designed for quick and easy operation to weld cracked and damaged plastic pieces back together. Perfect for creating solid, permanent repairs of breaks, cracks and tears in rigid or flexible thermoplastic parts. 

With the ability to repair 98% of plastics in the market, PlastiWeld Pro can repair an endless amount of plastics such as bumpers, headlight fittings and assemblies, panel clips, tabs, plastic pins, spoilers, etc.

Save time and money from costly replacement costs. Suitable for any fields that works with any plastic components such as automotive, power sports, hobby and industrial applications.


- No Training Required. Learn to use in seconds!
- Ergonomic designed to fit into the palm of your hand.
- Quick and Easy Operation throughout the whole welding  process. Effortlessly weld staples to plastic components.
- Wavy Staple design for maximum strength.

What's Included & Specifications:

The all-in-one case is easy to carry, and includes:
1x Stapler Unit, 1x Plier, 50x Staples of each type; "Flat" + "Inside Corner" + "Outside Corner" + "Wave" 
Stainless Steel staples will not rust.

Input Voltage: AC 110V-240V
Input Current: 0.5 Amps
Input Power: 100 Watts
Output Voltage: 0~4V
Output Current: 0~15A 
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